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Start Detox 5600

In first world countries nearly 89% of population suffers from homeostatic imbalance. There are many reasons for that, but most importantly it is caused by: eating highly processed foods, pollution, not enough exercise. Those factors lead to accumulation of toxins in our bodies. In order to counteract that it is worth to use tried and natural methods, such as Start Detox 5600 patches.

What is Start Detox 5600?

Start Detox 5600 set consists of 10 homeostatic patches to be applied on the feet. After being applied before sleep those patches will begin to work on removing toxins through the skin in a process known as osmosis. This brings back the natural balance to the organism, speeds up metabolism and improves the general mood. In the second stage those patches supply the skin with necessary nutrients that help combat tiredness, improve physical capabilities of the body and counteracts systemic illnesses such as migraines, constipation or bloating.

The composition of Start Detox 5600 – what makes the patches work?

The formula of Start Detox patches is based solely on natural ingredients known for thousands of years that are mixed in a unique way to ensure nearly 100% success rate while getting rid of toxins from the body. The most important active ingredients of Start Detox 5600 are:

  • Wood vinegar: responsible for absorption and neutralisation of toxins. Slightly alkaline pH helps ridden the body of issues related to heightened acidification. Diffusion through skin help provide circulatory benefits which is why this ingredient is especially potent when dealing with conditions caused by hypertension, arthritism or continuous tiredness.
  • Bamboo vinegar: used for nearly 3000 years in China, this vinegar with 2-year distillation time helps heal skin related conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema and acne. It helps remove toxins from the body, has most of the vitamins necessary for the human body to operate properly and helps bring back homeostatic balance to the organism.
  • Vitamin C: has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Counteracts infections and improves natural resistance of the body. It is well absorbed by the skin and almost impossible to overdose – in big doses it keeps all its benefits and the excess of this vitamin is removed with the urine. It is recommended especially in autumn and winter and helps deal with issues such as bladder inflammation, tiredness, bad mood and Chandra.

Apart from those ingredients Start Detox 5600 patches contain more than ten additional active substances that improve the general state of the body, have anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. All ingredients of the patches are fully natural, ecological and certified by relevant European bodies.

The Science behind Start Detox 5600 patches

Start Detox 5600 patches work based on the process of osmosis. Due to active substances passing through the tissue toxins are being absorbed by the entire surface of the patches. The process is painless and leaves no marks on the skin. At the same time beneficial nutrients are being released to end up in the bloodstream and then transported to the entire body. All this results in restoring the homeostatic balance in the organism. Additionally, the process improves absorption of vitamins and minerals that nourish cells and bones, which may provide beneficial in cases of migraine and arthritis.

Research confirms the beneficial effects of Start Detox 5600 patches

Start Detox 5600 patches have been patented in 2017 by a joint Chinese-American natural medicine research group. It was preceded by 3 years of continuous research on the formula and proportions of active substances. First prototypes of the patches were tested 17 times on a group of over 20 000 people. With each research the formula of Start Detox 5600 patches was further improved.

At the point of the first research, Start Detox patches were showing a success rate at a level of approximately 54% when it comes to removing toxins from the body. However, the research group was certain that by improving the formula it is possible to reach a success rate of nearly 100%. The final research on the market-ready product were carried out in 2016 at the University of Natural Medicine in Kanton on a group of 5 000 people.

The test group was further divided into two subgroups. First was using Start Detox 5600 patches, second used patches soaked in a placebo liquid without any medical properties. Both groups consisted of people with typical symptoms of toxin related diseases, which are common in polluted Chinese cities. 78% of test subjects reported having headaches, 80% suffered from bad mood, 64% suffered from arthritis or other forms of bone and joint related issues, 79% mentioned tiredness, 83% suffered from inflammation and 34% reported having Chandra, which is typical in autumn/winter.

Both test groups were using the patches for full two weeks.

headachebad moodbone and joint related issueschronic tirednessinflammationChandra
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The research proved the effectiveness of Start Detox 5600 patches in dealing with most symptoms of homeostatic imbalance caused by the presence of toxins in the body. After two weeks patients reported improvements in terms of their mood, tiredness and pains related to arthritis, which are all common amongst people living in polluted areas.

The research group observed a definitive improvement to physical and psychological comfort of the patients. On the other hand, the placebo group showed little to no changes from their previous state, which is a proof that there was no placebo effect in place when it comes to the first test group.

Opinions on the product / Expert’s opinion

“The history of research on the impact of wood and bamboo vinegar on a homeostatic balance in human body is very long. The first recorded such research was carried out in 1200 B.C. According to archaeological sources, even then the medical specialists would apply vinegar-like substances to their bodies. Such practices were taking place in a timespan of nearly 2000 years, but were rather rare due to the fact that there was simply no need to treat toxin related diseases back then.

Unfortunately, in the 21th century the number of systemic diseases caused by toxins raises with each passing year. In developed countries those diseases can occur in nearly 90% of the population. Even now those conditions are rarely treated due their very general symptoms, such as circulatory system related issues, headaches, continuous bad mood. Attempts to treat those diseases are much more common in China and Japan due to the long tradition of natural medicine, which is thoroughly practiced and researched in those countries.

Luckily, we were able to restore the formula that was perhaps used by our ancient ancestors. What is more, we managed to improve it which means that there is no need to cover the entire body with vinegar, what might have proven to be problematic for most contemporary people – instead the working surface of the medication is a single patch. Research confirms that our project was a total and complete success. We hope to introduce our product to the market in Asia at the start of 2017, Europe in 2018 and both Americas in 2020”.

doctor of natural medicine, Shen Jinzhao – University of Natural Medicine in Kanton

“I was one of the first people in the country that got to test Start Detox 5600. My husband travels in delegations to Asia quite frequently and brings some of the products popular out there back to where we live.

I’m suffering from migraines and arthritis. Unfortunately, drugs I had access to in Europe as well as natural medications from markets in India, Kasachstan etc. were not helping at all. During his visit in China my husband was told by his business partner that he should try Start Detox 5600 as a countermeasure to highly polluted air in Shanghai. Almost all of his colleagues ended up using those patches during their trip.

At first, I was sceptical – I was sure that if both conventional and natural medicine have failed me, this Chinese medication won’t help either. The patches were easy to apply and take off, didn’t have any negative impact on the quality of sleep. The next day I already started noticing an improvement in terms of my mood and I was only feeling better in the coming days. I haven’t had a migraine attach in the following three months and I did not feel any pain in my bones or joints. Ever since that day I made sure to stock on Start Detox 5600 patches and I recommend them to all my colleagues. The only downside is that it has to be imported from Asia. I hope that this product finally arrives at our European markets.”

Mary, 49 years

FAQ Start Detox 5600

How many patches are in 1 package of Start Detox 5600?
One packet contains 10 patches for use before sleep. The product can be used daily, every two or every three days. Depending on the frequency of use, one packet should last for approximately 30 days.

Is Start Detox 5600 safe for children?
The product is fully natural and available without receipt. It can be used by children, pregnant and breast-feeding women.

I’m in a middle of chemo/radiotherapy – can I use Start Detox 5600?
Our patches can be used during chemo/radiotherapy. However, there is no proof that the patches have any impact on cancer cells and as such should never be used as a replacement of a conventional therapy.

Can the patches produce an allergic response?
Start Detox 5600 patches are hypoallergic, which means that they don’t contain any of the most popular allergens. After application you may see a slight reddening of your skin around the patch caused by the transfer of active substances. However, if you encounter symptoms such as swelling, rash or burning sensation – immediately take them off. Those symptoms may be caused by a rare allergy to bamboo vinegar.

When should I use the patches?
It is recommended to apply the patches right before going to sleep and keeping them on for about 8 hours. 5600 patches are not waterproof, which means that you shouldn’t take a shower/bath after applying them on your feet. There are no contraindications for using the patches during the day – however they might cause a slight discomfort while walking.

One thought on “Start Detox 5600 – removing toxins from the body, reviews, buy now

  1. it’s terrible that we have so many toxins in our bodies!!! How can we just sit idle and do nothing to get rid of them!? Luckily there are ways to take care of that and Start Detox 5600 is one of them (the best imho).

  2. For how long do I have to wear a patch like that? Only on feet or anywhere is fine? I’m so curious about how this thing works!

  3. Recently I’ve been suffering from joint pain. Doctor said its from overworking, but I don’t know if he’s right. I have to do something about it until it’s too late… Maybe those patches will help.

  4. I learned about Start Detox 5600 from my colleague at work She was praising those patches a lot, saying that they helped her with health issues etc. She was so over the top enthusiastic about them that I bought a packet as well and I have to say, that they really cleanse the body and I feel somehow better And I don’t take any additional tabs or drugs! For reals

  5. Haha, maybe instead of eating tons of chocolate Ill use those patches to deal with winter depression 🙂

  6. Used to read a lot on alternative medicine and those patches can really work as a toxin cleansing thereapy etc. In Asia those have been used for a long time already.

  7. for years Ive been struggling with migrains and those were really hard on me. I had to lie down for hours in a shady room with head facing the mattress… it was horrible. Nothing was helping until I tried Start Detox 5600 cleansing patches. Thanks to them I finally got rid of headaches! Now I’m all smiles and so is my family, because they don’t have to suffer my bad moods.

  8. Its so cool that this product is ecological and vegan – hope there’s more of such woke manufacturers around! One has to take care of both health and nature

  9. Start Detox 5600 patches have cleansed my body of toxins. I can’t believe that my blood work got better so fast! I recommend you try them out!

  10. I was thinking for a very long time if I should but those patches, but after reading your comments I think I’ll give them a shot

  11. I used to overlook how full of toxins my body was, but last year I got into the topic and it brought some changes to my life. I cut short on sugar, processed meats, instant meals, salty snacks etc. At the same time I started drinking more fresh vegetable juices and started using Start Detox 5600 which further helped me get rid of toxins. I wasn’t planning on losing weight, but it has dropped down pretty fast and now it’s at a steady, healthy level.

  12. I prefer to patch those on than to go hungry. You hear all those stories about fasting and people dropping due to malnutrition…

  13. I know I’m a dude, but I like to take care of myself That’s why I tried to make some changes and try those cleansing patches – will see how it goes I’m waiting for first results

  14. A very good medicine. Apparently toxins keep fats in our body and when you get rid of toxic stuff you also get rid of bad cholesterol. Its worth taking a shot. I saw first effects after two weeks already.

  15. I have never tried any diet, detox etc. When I got constipated a lot I tried Start Detox 5600. Was a big chance.

  16. nothing better for detoxification than Start Detox 5600! I have no issues walking and my belly feels so much better after I gave up on herbal teas and started wearing those patches.

  17. It’s worth knowing that not every detox works the same. I tried detox and felt the results. Before I tried other medications but I didn’t feel much difference.

  18. interesting formula in this Start Detox 5600 – the best out of all the things I checked out online – has research and natural ingredients

  19. I reached for Start Detox 5600 by accident and after 2 weeks of wearing the patches I can say one thing – they work!

  20. traditional ways of treatment can be effective but I like to help myself with supplements like Start Detox 5600. I also use spirulin, herbal teas etc. Thanks to those I have good results when it comes to my mood and figure.

  21. It has been known for ages that what we put in our bellies has impact on our bodys pollution. If we use bad fuel then we have to replace the engine at some point. Wonder how many people can’t take care of their bodies at all.

  22. Let’s get rid of sugar, eat less meat (that has most toxins – farm animals), start to exercise, buy eco vegetables and use supplements like Start Detox 5600

  23. Id never try any patches if it wasn’t for my eco-crazy sister. She basically forced me to try them on and we are both trying to get rid of those toxins together. Ill write more about effects since I just started – can’t wait to see if they really work.

  24. the product has high quality, specifically selected ingredients that cleanses body off toxins, improve overall condition of the body and the mood. Effects can be seen after a couple of days.

  25. I like to read on deotx because I do it on a regular. I used to be on a juice only diet but this week I’ll start usiong Start Detox 5600 for the 3 time already and tell you what – the effects are much better! I use it for better mood and in a long shot to get rid of excess fat

  26. when it comes to medical gold it is great to start using Start Detox 5600. I have good experience with that and know what works best.

  27. I’m in the middle of body cleansing with Start Detox 5600. I made a decision that its time for a change and I started with my diet. Now I eat healthy and know what is bad for me.

  28. more and more people start getting into detox since its all about leaving healthy now. I’ve tried to keep myself healthy for a long time now. I’ve been using Start Detox for about a year.

  29. It’s so cool that we are finally starting to pay attention to our health but we don’t know how to do it properly due to lack of knowledge. I think that we should have cooking/nutrition classes at school.

  30. coming back to the topic of toxin cleansing: changing your diet is the most important but its sometimes worth to give supplements like Start Detox 5600 a shot.

  31. We ate steak tartare on our vacations with my husband once – the meat was probably not too fresh. Afterwards very bad things happened to our bodies. We managed to get back in shape due to Start Detox 5600. It was recommended to us by our doctor. We got good results from the lab after two weeks. Strongly recommend.

  32. My dietitian apart from a balanced diet recommends her patients Start Detox 5600 which rids the body of toxins and has deacidifying properties.

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